What an honor it was to have Dan and Margaret join us last night, from Motown Soup! This incredible organization was started by Dan and Margaret in 2004 and has since donated over $600,000 to organizations in need, within the Detroit metro area!

Motown Soup is based out of Utica, MI and is 100% volunteer supported. They create and distribute incredibly yummy dry food mixes that are sold via retail outlets/stores as well as craft shows and also through fundraisers. The resulting profits are then distributed to soup kitchens, homeless shelters food banks and free clinics. They operate out of a licensed kitchen within Trinity Lutheran Church, in Utica and they work tirelessly, every week, on Monday and Tuesday and one Saturday a month.

Currently, they offer about 30 different products in their line (They offer soups, dips and cookie recipes as well as 2 sizes of boxed gift sets) and many of the recipes come from friends, family members and customers whom they meet when they are out at craft shows and events! They're willing to try out any recipe sent/suggested, if they feel it can be converted well into a dry version that will store well and be easy and quick to prepare.

We were so very impressed with the mission of this duo and their love of people and giving back to the communities they live in.

For more information about Motown Soup, and/or to purchase their amazing products, please visit: https://www.motownsoup.com/